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This course is taught by instructors who have over 20 years of experience teaching CPA exam prep. The company released an updated platform and the 2. Combined, they have more experience in the industry than any other CPA review companies on the market. They offer insightful strategies and study tips in their video lectures that they have accumulated through many years of teaching.

I really liked how the videos were concise and to the point, making it easier to absorb and retain information. They offer a Money-Back Guarantee which proves just how confident they are in their product. This offering was completely revamped into a new platform, and 2. You even have the option to sign up for a 5 day trial, just to get familiar with the course before making any buying decisions. I would recommend Surgent to you if you are a student who prefers the convenience of studying at their own pace from guided video lectures.

If you are looking to pass the CPA exam quickly by studying more efficiently, Surgent would be a great fit for you. If you want an instructor that will keep you engaged with high energy and a passion for what he teaches, then Roger CPA Review Course is the perfect course for you. Do you find yourself less self directed, and needing someone to keep your attention? Do you need an instructor who can keep you awake through all the boring CPA material? This is one of the main reasons why the Roger CPA prep course is one of my favorites. If you find yourself having a hard time memorizing terms then this may also be your best bet as Roger provides specific memorization techniques such as mnemonics.

When you choose Roger for your CPA review course, you can expect to get over hours of entertaining and informative video lectures. Roger Philip teaches each lecture with a lot and I mean a lot of humor and enthusiasm.

Best CPA Review Course Discounts: October CPA Discounts - Save 50%!

His unique teaching style makes the material much more engaging and helps you stay motivated. He is passionate about helping students pass the CPA exam. Not only is he knowledgeable about the material, but he can also break down difficult concepts into easy-to-understand lessons. Roger uses mnemonics and other memorization tools throughout his lectures to provide an easier way for students to remember many tedious details that often appear on the exam.

This new feature provides you with recommendations on where and how to focus your efforts by comparing your progress and performance to those that have passed the CPA Exam. This efficient tool can cut your study time down by hundreds of hours! I would recommend this course to a CPA candidate who has a hard time focusing while studying. If you found yourself struggling to stay awake in some of your accounting lectures, then Roger CPA review will definitely keep you from falling asleep.

If you also like to ask a lot of questions while you study, there is a homework help centre available to you around the clock. There is an available audio version of the course, although you will have to pay an additional fee for it. If you are lacking in the area of motivation and need someone who can get you pumped up about the CPA exam and keep you motivated, then this is the review course you are looking for.

Wiley CPAexcel actually tracks your progress as you complete lessons and exams in extreme detail. This innovative technology helps you progress through the learning materials while keeping you on track for your exam date. This is an absolute winner for those who are constantly on the go. You can download your course to various devices and can study when and where you have time.

Best CPA Course Discounts: October 12222 CPA Course Coupons

Find yourself sitting on the bus, subway or other public transportation for an hour a day or more? If you do, then this course would allow you make those commutes MUCH more efficient thanks to the integration of their digital flashcards directly onto the dashboard.

The structure of this course is best described as bite-sized topics. Each section is broken down into small minute sections, which makes the CPA exam study process seem much less overwhelming. This is also great if you have a full-time job or a family and dont have the luxury of having large chunks of time to study. This allows you to get the repetition you need without worrying about seeing the same questions repeated over and over again. This unlimited access includes use of practice tests, videos, quizzes, and all other course materials.

Top 7 Best Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam Review Courses: 12222 Comparison Guide

Also, the student support is limited to a message board on which it can take up to 24 hours to get a response. If you learn best from human interaction or need one-on-one help, then this course might not be the best fit. Are you working full time and have other responsibilities outside of work such as caring for an elderly family member, children or other such activities? This online CPA review course is broken down into smaller lessons that can actually be accomplished in as little as a half an hour.

Which means you can easily go through a lesson on your lunch break if you are pressed for time. Becker CPA Review is one of the most known companies for CPA exam candidates since it is sponsored by most accounting firms including the Big 4 and universities. Becker has no problem being the most expensive course out there since it has a secure customer base.

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The Becker CPA Review course has one of the largest databases of exam questions and provides over 7, multiple choice questions and almost task-based simulations for lots of practice. Becker has live CPA prep course classes that have been reported to be less than helpful by many students, including myself. There is a benefit of having a live classroom setting to gain an understanding of CPA knowledge, but the viability of the course is dependent on the quality of the instructor.

Audio courses can give you more flexibility in your study plan and let you quickly study during down time like commuting, doing laundry, or even at the gym.

Check out some other courses that offer audio courses to get the most out of limited study time. There are financing options for some customers who qualify and a few discount codes available. But still, it is the most expensive course on this review course list and far more pricey than any of its competitors.

However, their course is not for the faint of heart, as the comprehensive material can be a bit intense and overwhelming for some students.

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However, if you prefer a ton of information and do not want to leave any stone unturned, then this could very well be the right study guide for you. The full Gleim review course includes over 10, multiple choice questions, which is significantly more than any other CPA prep course. These provide an excellent way to learn the material during non-traditional study times like driving to work, and can be easily downloaded to your phone, iPod or mp3 player. Although many students prefer a highly comprehensive course, you may feel overwhelmed by the information overload.

Gleim is the course for you if you are a self-directed learner who does not need a lot of video lectures to learn from currently there are only limited amounts of videos.

CPA ​Review Discounts (Updated for ​​​​​October 12222)

Gleim is best for the individual who is extremely focused and can process information, and not only process information but can do so by identifying what is the most important to retain. If you want a full video lecture series, then you may want to check out the other review course options available here.

Gleim provides you with more than enough information and study material to pass the CPA exam. However, as stated earlier, that information can be to a fault as it can be a bit overwhelming. If you want a study guide that will provide you with the most information about the exam, then you may want to give Gleim a try. In fact it costs nearly half of what the top three ranked here do. As you progress through the course, data from your practice exams is collected and used to create personalized tests that target your weak areas.

Other courses have awesome mobile apps that makes quick study sessions easy and simple. It helps to have an app that you can use to quickly use on-the-go. Fast Forward has a guarantee that grants you access to the course until you pass. If you are looking to cut through the process and make it as efficient as possible, this course has great tools to do just that. If you prefer to focus your studies on topics you are weakest in, rather than learning in a traditional method and going through all of the course material, then Fast Forward Academy may be a good fit for you.

Yaeger CPA Review is a great course for you if you want the bare bones done well, not great. The Yaeger CPA review course is much more of an old school style of teaching. If you have a shorter attention span, you may get bored by the traditional lecture videos.

They are structured very much like most accounting classes you probably had in college and move a little slower than an independent self-study type of person might prefer. The lectures include step by step instructions to ensure that you are clear about the subject material. Instructors work hundreds of multiple choice questions with you and help you navigate through those tricky problems which give you the repetition needed to be successful. Watch this video on YouTube Yaeger does have some of the best customer support available.

ninja cpa review coupon code Ninja cpa review coupon code
ninja cpa review coupon code Ninja cpa review coupon code
ninja cpa review coupon code Ninja cpa review coupon code
ninja cpa review coupon code Ninja cpa review coupon code
ninja cpa review coupon code Ninja cpa review coupon code

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