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This machine offers 22 workout programs and 20 levels of resistance. Apart from the parts of the elliptical that need to be assembled upon arrival, customers get a tool kit and a user manual with detailed instructions full-color pictures and diagrams included.

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The heart rate tracking system can be accessed by gripping the handles that have sensors built into them. Nice extras like a bottle holder, a fan, a USB charger to sync with your health-tracking apps make this rather simple model even more appealing. Yes, it does offer information on how much calories you spend, along with a heart rate, time and other trackers.

Schwinn in 63 x 28 x 70 inches and weighs a little less than lbs, so it might fit even in a small room. If there are screws that are a little loose, it may cause some wobbling.

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  • Schwinn 430 HR Enabled Elliptical Trainer with Quick Goals Tracking & 22 Workout Programs.

However, unlike the Schwinn model, this one is more of a high-end option. It features 29 pre-programmed workout routines and 25 resistance levels and offers 4 user profiles as opposed to only 2 the Schwinn provides. This, of course, might seem more appealing to you if you are looking for an elliptical trainer capable of providing a more challenging workout experience. One of the most notable differences between this model and Schwinn is the motorized ramp. Thanks to this feature, you can change the incline while working out. Most of the machine comes pre-assembled and the tool kit is included in the package.

All in all, it might take hours. The stride length for this elliptical is up to 20 inches. It should be quite comfortable for a person as tall as 6.


Schwinn is very stable no matter what resistance level you are at or how intense you want your workout to be. On the other hand, Schwinn looks like the right kind of elliptical trainer for those who tend to be more demanding and those who already have some experience with ellipticals and want more value for their money.

Jessica Nickson is a keen home and garden innovator with over 25 years of hands-on experience in, home improvement, landscape gardening and all things appliance related to making life easier and more interesting. You can contact her via e-mail - jessica thehomedweller. For an entry level elliptical machine, you are getting a pretty good computer on the Schwinn Elliptical. The system has dual screens that may be a little confusing until you set up your user profile. The computer allows you to set up two separate profiles.

It also comes with a total of 22 program including 9 workout programs and 8 heart rate controls. The computer also allows you to quickly adjust the 22 levels of resistance offered by the Elliptical. Another great feature of the Schwinn Elliptical is the ability to download and track your workout performance. The biggest drawback of the Schwinn Elliptical is the incline capabilities.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Review

The biggest issue, however, is that adjusting the incline is all manual. The Schwinn Elliptical offers heart rate monitoring from hand grips.

Schwinn Ellipticals

After holding the sensors for about 10 seconds, the information is transferred to the computer for display. However, there is no accessibility to user a chest strap. Using a chest strap would be beneficial. The continuous readings from the chest strap would be especially useful since the machine utilizes 8 heart rate programs on its computer. Overall, the Schwinn Elliptical is a good buy.

Quick Answer – Elliptical Machine Under 1000

For an entry level elliptical machine you are getting a quality piece of exercise equipment made by Schwinn. The Schwinn Elliptical does lack a few conveniences on this model including automated incline and the ability to use a heart rate chest strap. That said, the computer has a number of great options, including the pre-programmed workouts and the ability to download and track your performance.

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  • Schwinn 430 Home Elliptical Trainer | Reviews (2018-12222).

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schwinn 430 elliptical deals Schwinn 430 elliptical deals
schwinn 430 elliptical deals Schwinn 430 elliptical deals
schwinn 430 elliptical deals Schwinn 430 elliptical deals
schwinn 430 elliptical deals Schwinn 430 elliptical deals
schwinn 430 elliptical deals Schwinn 430 elliptical deals
schwinn 430 elliptical deals Schwinn 430 elliptical deals

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