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I was pleased to find that I was already driving using many of the suggested practices recommended by this course but the delivery of this course, as compared with others, is infinitely better.

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Really enjoyed this course. Nice having the flexibility of coming back to it whenever you like. I think most drivers should take this course to refresh themselves on their own driving habits. Great online course. I liked that I was able to schedule the course around my busy schedule.

This is one of the best defensive driving courses you can take. The advice is very useful, and I actually remember everything. I apply the lessons later that same day when I am driving! Highly recommend this to anybody who needs the reduction in premiums or just wants to be a safer driver. Absolutely loved hearing Charles Fleischer doing the narration! After completing it, I am a true believer and a changed driver.

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I highly recommend this alternative delivery method by Improv! I am thankful to have had taken such a helpful, easy to use, defensive driving course. I learned a lot of interesting facts, statistics, and other information that will result in me becoming a better driver. I was very surprised at how easy and informative this course was.

It helped me review my driving habits and allowed me to realise how adjustments I needed to make. I definitely believe that I will be a more conscious and considerate driver. The insurance reduction course was not boring at all. The content was informative and a great refresher. This course was very convenient, engaging and interesting. I found there examples to be funny but at the same time they applied to real life situations. The system was very user friendly and i enjoy taking this course.

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Thank you! I was very happy to complete the course in my home rather than spend two nights elsewhere. The course was enjoyable, not boring. I found it very convenient to use as I have a very busy life. I could return to it whenever I had a little bit of free time, it was great. Also I enjoyed the intro videos, very humorous, it kept my interest. The defensive driving course was much easier than I had expected!

I thought the course is really well done. The information is laid out well. I learned a lot of interesting facts and statistics that I never realized before. This is so much better than going to a classroom. Better in a lot of ways. One the comfort of your home. Two it can be taken at your own pace. Third it was funny, interesting, and not at all boring. I learned a lot, laughed a lot and really truly enjoyed it. This was a breath of fresh air from the online continuing education course for real estate that I STILL have no finished because its so boring! This was very engaging and interesting and I will definitely recommend this defensive driving course to my friends and colleagues.

I took your online defensive driving course in NY and really enjoyed it very much and I am looking forward to taking it again J. I think it is the best thing that New York State has come up with as of late. I am going to recommend it to my friends and co-workers. The course is really Simple and Fun… Wow what a great service!!

It was great, easy, and fun.

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I will recommend to my friends if they were to need your service. Thank you very much! Best defensive driving school I have taken so far. Thank you for offering this great defensive driving program in New York.

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This is my second attempt at an online defensive driving school and this one was the best! I will recommend to all my friends! The Improv Traffic School has made this process an actual joy to experience. You can always count on Improv Traffic School… your customer service is fantastic. I made my entire family take your Internet Defensive Driving Course. What a great service for New York drivers… anyone can use an insurance discount in these hard times.

Your accident prevention course rocks! Great Way to complete defensive driving and save on your insurance…. Your customer support is outstanding… I will recommend this defensive driving course to all my friends.

adukopneju.ml I took a classroom defensive driving in NY few years ago and this is so much better.. What a great defensive driving course, every New Yorker should be required to take this.


This is really great service for NY drivers, this is my second time doing defensive driving and I really enjoy doing with you, after 3 years I will be back. I have taken the classroom course 3 times, and the last time the instructor was pretty entertaining. This course, however, was much more convenient and also entertaining.

This course was excellent and entertaining while delivering important life saving information.

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What is Point Reduction? They just want to sign up for the cheapest course possible and get it done as quickly as possible. If that describes you, than Go To Traffic School is the best choice. But in the case of Go To Traffic School , it is still a pretty good course. But in the end, does that really matter more than your hard earned cash? Probably not. Go To Traffic School guarantees to be the lowest priced online defensive driving course in New York, but you can do the following to save a few extra bucks on their course. Traffic School takes the opposite approach.

The entire thing that sets Traffic School apart from the rest is the simpleness. Many people might find this defensive driving course to be rather boring, but there are also many who would appreciate the bare bones aspect of this course. This defensive driving course is essentially an e-book with quizzes mixed in after each chapter total of 6 chapters.

We promise your money back if you're unable to save on your insurance with our course certificate. You may only take this course once every three years. I started the course on my tablet and finished it on my computer when I got home. Are you ready to save money?

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