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I was with Optus for 2 years contract and then I jumped to Virgin.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Never had an issue with them. The plan are relatively better on Virgin. You get roll-over of your unused data for the next month and you a lot more data as well. I have been with Virgin for 2 years and was looking around for iphone 6 plus deals with other providers and Virgin still looks good to me. Telstra is really good but a bit heavy on the pocket. All in all, definitely go for Virgin as it is really reliable.

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Hope I helped. A mistake I want to point out. I stated that yoiu get roll-over of your unused data for the next month. What I meant was that you get your money left from your unused calls, rolled over to the next month. I'm actually suspect about that particular listing - I can't find it anywhere else in Google or on the Optus website. Can someone confirm this for me? It significantly differs where you are located. Sometimes, Vodafone gets better reception : Definitely taking Virgin deal soon!!

Angus Kidman. Sep 12, , pm.

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Have added this too. Optus plans updated date wasn't disclosed when the original announcement happened. Thanks for picking that error up, fixed now. Mate b0m8. I could be wrong though, just from what I think I remember. Sep 17, , pm. Sandra Guest. Sep 13, , pm. Sep 15, , am.

iPHONE 6 PLUS In 2019! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

Spandan Guest. The Optus section now seems to only show the 6 Plus although the embedded spreadsheet seems ok. Thanks for the spot, fixed now. Adam Redsell Guest. Optus sent the press release with the pricing direct to media.

Optus brings contactless payments to older iPhones

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Optus - iPhone 6s Plus

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optus deals iphone 6 plus Optus deals iphone 6 plus
optus deals iphone 6 plus Optus deals iphone 6 plus
optus deals iphone 6 plus Optus deals iphone 6 plus
optus deals iphone 6 plus Optus deals iphone 6 plus
optus deals iphone 6 plus Optus deals iphone 6 plus
optus deals iphone 6 plus Optus deals iphone 6 plus

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